2013 Artimino Ultrasound Conference

Lake Rosseau, Ontario, June 16-19, 2013

Meeting Format

The format of the meeting will follow that of its forebears, in which the focus is on discussion, led from the floor by a session chairman. Most sessions will begin with an invited presentation of 15 minutes from one of the chairs, intended tosummarise briefly the state of the art and the most prominent challenges in the field. Subsequent presentations are proffered and should comprise brief summaries of major points and results only, allowing time for discussion. As a guideline, aim for five slides (or their electronic eguivalent) or 5-8 minutes, maximum. Students have been asked to let us know the title of their thesis project, just to let the group know what they are working on. The schedule is organised on the basis of topics submitted during registration, but is not cast in stone: both your title and the session you speak in can be changed if you wish. Speakers should approach their session chairs and confirm with them the arrangements for their session. This allows for flexibility in the programme and for a few speakers to present more than once.


Click to see the programme summary, or here to download the PDF. A provsional list of sessions is also avaiable for download.

The sessions are based on key areas of development in ultrasound physics and engineering and based on the declared interests of the registered participants. Please note the session to which you have been assigned. The flexibility of this schedule is limited only by the constraints of time and the decision of the chairs.

Audio-Visual Facilities

There will be computer data projection (SVGA and XVGA). Because there will be many short presentations, we will project from a single computer (a Mac and PC will be available), rather than from each presenter's laptop. We ask you to load your material onto the projection computer before each session. All material will be deleted at the end of the last session. Experience has shown that this arrangement minimizes the risk of the discussion being held up by AV problems.


The 2013 Artimino Ultrasound Conference gratefully acknowledges the support of:

Ontario Institute of Cancer Research
Dept Physics & Astronomy, Western University
Ultrasound Laboratory, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

For further information please contact:

Peter N Burns Tamie Poepping
Dept Medical Biophysics Dept Physics and Astronomy
University of Toronto University of Western Ontario
+1 (416) 480-5765 +1 (519) 661-2111x86431